Eviction Process

Eviction Procedure

During the eviction process, landlords must adhere to specific court procedures. They start by serving the tenant a vacate notice, which can be a 3-day, 5-day, or 30-day notice. Once the vacate notice is served, the landlord can file a petition for eviction in the Justice of the Peace court.

Following the landlord’s filing, a constable will deliver an eviction citation to the tenant, providing details such as the court date, case number, county, and the reason for eviction.

At the court hearing, it is common for the judge to rule in favor of the landlord. If the tenant loses the case, they will have five days to vacate the premises. However, our eviction extension service allows tenants to remain in their homes throughout the ongoing eviction process, offering an extension of 45-90 days.

During the appeal period, the court will require an appeal bond to be posted within ten days of the court hearing. If the tenant is unable to pay this bond, our representatives can be notified so that they can provide assistance.



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